Occupational Tax/Alcoholic Beverage Licensing

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The Occupational Tax/Alcohol Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for issuing Occupational Tax Certificates and Alcohol Licenses. Every business in the city must apply for an Occupational Tax Certificate and renew it annually. Annual licenses expire on December 31st of each year. Unless specifically exempt under state law; an Occupational Tax Certificate is required for anyone who:

  1. Maintains a business location within the Villa Rica City Limits or
  2. Solicits business within the Villa Rica City Limits or
  3. Picks up or delivers goods or services within the Villa Rica City Limits

Separate Occupational Taxes are required if there is more than one type of business. The Home Occupation Ordinance also applies if a business is located in your home and the same application is completed for an in-home business. Please notify the Community Development Department if you have a change of ownership within your business or change of location.

For other questions regarding Occupational Tax Certificates and/or Alcohol Licensing, please contact the Community Development Department.