Protect Yourself From Paying Medical Providers More Than Due

Whenever you receive a bill from a medical provider, compare the bill to the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from HealthScope.  You are only responsible for the amount shown under Patient Responsibility

A follow up bill send from a Medical Provider is known as a Balance Bill.  If you receive a bill that shows more than your Patient Responsibility please follow these steps:

1. Ensure you have paid the amount shown as Patient Responsibility

2. Inform a ClaimDoc Member Advocate that you have received a Balance Bill.  Be prepared to submit a copy of your bill via fax or email.  

Email -  Phone: 1-888-330-7295

3. Once ClaimDoc sends you the ClaimDOC Member Authorization Agreement fill it out and return to ClaimDOC.  This form will only come from ClaimDOC after you call to notify them of the balance bill.

4. Understand you may still receive bills even after the initial dispute has been filed.  This does not mean you are required to pay them.  Forward any and all attempts to collect on the balance to your ClaimDoc member advocate. 

ClaimDOC Information Sheet  

What is a Balance Bill?

How to Protect yourself

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