Do Not Remove, Tamper With, or Obstruct a Meter

Tampering fees, criminal charges, and civil penalties may be the result

Water meters are the property of the City of Villa Rica. Removing or tampering with a water meter can result in a Meter Tampering Fee, a Civil Penalty, and Criminal Charges.

City of Villa Rica
Sec. 26-2. - Knowingly using city water after cutoff prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for the occupant of any property served by the city water system, whether such property is within or without the city limits, or for the owner of such property to make use of the water from the city water system after water service to the premises has been cut off by the city; and any person who knows or has reason to know that such water service has been cut off but who, by means of tampering with the water system done by himself or his agent, or by means of availing himself of the benefits of tampering with the water system done by another person or persons unknown, uses city water after the date of service cutoff, shall be guilty of a violation of this Code.

(Code 1979, § 6-2-2; Code 1993, § 21-2)